Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A lovely lady named Heather suggested that I ask for submissions from anybody who might encounter this blog. Submit a picture and the back story of an undercover Mexican you might know and/or love (famous or not, we all brothers undercover). I'd prefer a picture of the undercover Mexican not looking Mexican AND looking pretty Mexican. For instance:

As previously stated: I am half Mexican. My daddy is Mexican and my mommy is white (all kinds of white), but everybody thinks I am Asian (even though I don't usually have a Hello Kitty band aid on my chin) or French. I don't speak Spanish, but I DO have a BIG Guadalupe tattoo so I think I'm pretty safe on the Mexican side of things.

This might make things more clear:


Any other bizarre Mexican related things may also be submitted for shits and giggles to le.haricot@gmail.com as well. Just title your email "Undercover Mexican." Thanks!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mexican Summer

Just the name of an album, or a subconscious attempt to take us back to 1930s Mexican socialist ideals?

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